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Developing your paradoxical skills

If you and your organization want to go a step further in:

  • creating a paradox mindset and a common language,
  • integrating the principles of paradoxical leadership in your daily operations, and
  • applying them to complex business and collaboration challenges,

then an in-company learning program can be very helpful.

We offer practitioner programs in Paradoxical Leadership, aimed at applying the paradoxical methodology to your own professional and leadership challenges, and master practitioner programs in Paradoxical Coaching to apply the paradoxical methodology in your coaching work with individuals, teams and/or organizations.

Our learning programs are modular and can be tailored easily to your specific needs. They can be more generic or specifically linked to an important challenge or change program of the organization, such as digital transformation, diversity and inclusion, multidisciplinary collaboration, agile ways of working or sustainable growth. They can be offered live, online or in a mixed form.


Paradoxical leadership

The practitioner programs in Paradoxical Leadership are aimed at leaders, managers, program/project leaders or professionals, who want to tackle paradoxical challenges in their work, team and organization. In addition to creating a paradoxical mindset and an in-depth awareness of how polarities work and influence the behavior of individuals and systems, participants will learn to apply the paradoxical methodology and tools to their personal and professional challenges. From a paradoxical perspective, the personal and professional levels are closely interconnected. Therefore, the program always starts with exploring, understanding and effectively handling the paradoxical dynamics within yourself and in your professional/leadership style. From the individual level, we will then go in subsequent concentric circles to the paradoxical challenges in relations, teams, organization and society. Depending on the target group and the specific needs, we will make a modular mix. A typical program takes from 3 to 8 days.

Paradoxical coaching

The master practitioner programs in Paradoxical Coaching are aimed at professionals who not only apply the paradoxical methodology to their own personal and professional challenges, but want to integrate it in their work with others, at an individual, team or organizational level. Target group are typically coaches, change managers, consultants, facilitators, mediators, counselers, HR professionals, etc. After successfully completing this program, participants are certified in practicing/teaching the paradoxical methodology. For an organization it can be very uself to have internal a pool of certified paradoxical coaches for support and interventions at the different levels (individual, team, organization).
The master practitioner program is a follow up to the practitioner level. It consists of two successive levels. Level 1 is to support individuals, teams and the organization in better handling their polarities. Level 2 is a teach-the-teacher program where professionals get certified to teach the paradoxical methodology to others. Each module will take about 3 tot 4 days, excluding practice in the field.